choose if you want to increase the brightness of the table in front of
The brightness of the sign independent on the viewing angle. Recommended for exposure in shaded areas or directed to the north.
COM port has a majority of desktops and notebooks. Cable length up to 20m.
USB port have all the computers. Cable length 20m max.
LAN port have the most computers. Cable length up to 90m.

Tune the parameters of your plate yourself.

select a color of LEDs:
select a viewing angle of LEDs:
LED light with an angle of 60 degrees
LEDs with wide viewing angle
select the connection type:



Choose the height of the board and the spacing between the diodes:
(this parameter depends on the distance from which the array can be readable)
choose the width of the array:
(this parameter determines the length of the text display)


Summary of parameters

Dimensions number of diodes LEDs color viewing angle average power
height: cm
length: cm
thickness: cm
vertical: 16
czerwony W
net price:

The calculated price is illustrative.
The price we negotiate individually for each order.

delivery time
three weeks

For each sign in the set you will receive:

  • a clear instruction manual in English
  • program to support the board "Tabliczak"
  • set of elements to facilitate the installation(screws, hooks, dowels)
  • 10m cord length (longer on request)
  • programming cable length 15m
  • two year warranty
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